Reread the story today

King David

and Bathsheba.

Bathsheba does not get a title.

Maybe the Old Testament of the Holy Bible

should be interpreted from a feminine view point.

Where is the outrage for how she is treated?

So many unanswered questions

Did Bathsheba get a day in court?

The writer does not seem to care

if she loved her husband.

Did she wish to honor Uriah?

What did she think when the King

sent for her

and took her to his bed?

Did she love her husband

or just even wish to honor him?

What did she feel

when she had to send word

to the King

she was carrying his child?

Did she know her king

tried to force her husband on her?

Did she know when Uriah was murdered?

Did she grieve

in public

like David,

when her child died?

David gets all kind of credit

for writing a Penitential Psalm.

What was the state of Bathsheba’s soul?

I cannot find where anyone cares.

A trail of broken lives

and the king


gets his way.

Does a society benefit when a woman can exert the right to her own body?

I have a wife, a daughter, three daughters married to my three sons and six grand-daughters.

I want them all to get to say “No.”

Even to the king.


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