Be Sure to Be Thinking…

…when you must take another person’s life in your hands.

Last night, our President announced a narrow form of limited amnesty for about 5 million illegal immigrants now living in the USA. Most have been here for years. Most have at least one child born here and so entitled to citizenship.

We are all glad to live in a country where people wish to live. Other nations give us their tired, their sick, their huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. They also give us their most capable professionals, brilliant scientists and honored artists. I know, I know. Some nations send us the people they want out of their hair.

Breathtaking beauty exists in all other nations. America is still the greatest Destination Nation.

True, various American billionaires annually change their citizenship to small European nations where they pay no taxes. This is good business sense, though thoroughly unpatriotic and astoundingly selfish when one considers that 1% of our population controls more than 95% of our wealth already.

Still, people climb mountains, swim rivers, sail oceans and generally circumnavigate the globe to get to America. For all our faults and failings we remain the one indispensable nation. If you read my word “indispensable,” and disregard it because it is too much like “exceptional,” then please know I mean indispensable and exceptional and good and virtuous and kind.

As evidence of this adulation, I point to the way America finds ways to love the tired (unaccompanied children from the Americas), the sick (Ebola victims from Africa), the huddled masses all of whom yearn to breathe free. We are not perfect or even always mature. We are however, desirable, forgiving and kind. We do not always to well and we do not always do good. Sometimes we have to want to want to do right and that has to be enough. In a world where up to 30 million people live in some form of slavery, we outlawed the institution and sought to make it impossible. We keep finding ways to feed and clothe and tend to people who cannot seem to work it out with their own governments and countrymen.

We need correction. Most often when we do correct our course it is to the more progressive side. More people get food, clothing and protection because of America and Americans.

We tend to take care of others. Let us always be those who think carefully when we hold another fellow’s life in our hands.

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