Before I Go…

…I want to see 1,000 people giving a minimum of $25 per month to Chains of Grace Ministry. Some of us already give more than that amount. Some give much more than $25 per month, so I can already thank many of you over and over again.

Thanks be to God for you.

Your gifts this year got jobs for:

Rashad, Jesus, Noel, James, John, Mertel, Dennis, Brian, Chris and James (another one) and Walter and James (another one) and John (another one) and Jay and two Davids and Shawn.

Joseph reunited with his son this year after ten years apart, because of you.

Your gifts helped provide 350 Back to School Backpacks for the children of parolees.

Your gifts allowed us to accept a dozen men who had absolutely no money to pay for a bed or fees. They would still be in jail. Instead, they are in church with us.

You taught Rashad to drive a car for the first time. You were terrified while you did it, but you did teach him to drive.

See and hear Rashad’s story here:

Join the $25 a month team!

You provided beds for two Justins. You put teeth in Will’s mouth.

You helped pay for a wonderful series of videos explaining our ministry over at Go there now and just see if you do not fall in love with this work.

You enabled me to go into various jails and prisons and reentry ministries to preach the gospel. You helped a lot of men come to Jesus.

Your gifts helped Shawn decide on baptism. He is the first of our fellow baptized by immersion while still wearing his monitor.

You helped more than one person graduate from our ministry and go on to productive living outside our walls.

You bought two more houses.

That have provided and produced real homes for people like Edwin:

Join the $25 a month team!

Thanks so much.

Our goal is to get 1,000 persons or churches or whomever giving us a recurring amount of at least $25 per month. This winter giving season we want to get to 100 ASAP. Please be one.

And if you still need more reasons and haven’t seen our full story, see it here:

Join the $25 a month team!

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