Big Night at the Old Ball Park

I umpired two softball games last night. One was a 16U, which was fun. The other was an 8U, which was not fun.

The little kids games should be the better time for all concerned. Instead you get parents who do not know the rules, coaches who do not know the game and fans who do not understand boundaries. The result is an hour long mess with crying kids.

For a 6U or 8U game I include a handkerchief in my other equipment. A good clean handkerchief is always in my back pocket. After the coaches, parents and fans scream awhile, there is always a little girl or two standing in the middle of the field crying. Tears run down their little cheeks. I take my handkerchief, wipe their tears off and talk to them softly for a few seconds.

After that, it usually gets quieter for awhile.

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