Bill Clinton Talks Too Long in Speech. Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Attacks God, Texas, Motherhood and Apple Pie. In Short, Another Day at the Office.

   Apparently, Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton is acccustomed to looking at the Texas Longhorn from the view point of someone being mashed under its mighty horns. Sad.

   Oklahoma, as I have said, is proof that when you make a world in six days, you are going to make some mistakes. Sadder still.

   Recently returned from the mountains, where he reportedly viewed a Hot Air Balloon Festival, and, himself surfeit with expanding gas (enough to float Norman all the way to Mustang), Radical Chaositist Todd Littleton fired up his computer, consulted to see what I had actually said about him and flexed his literary muscles to fire back at me.

   In the true spirit of goodness and niceness, I forgive him his sins. 

   His grammar? 

   Not so much.

   Reverend Doctor Littleton, upon whose dissertation I "consulted" (meaning, "translated into English") heaps contempt on the tattered remnants of the Moral Majority, insisting they (the political evangelicals) are Moral Cowards for their sudden conversion to Romney-ism, meaning, of course, Anti-Obama-ism.

    Of course, as ever, Aintsobad beat him to this some time ago, as I earlier insisted Mr. Obama would win the orthodox religious test among fair minded people, but, no matter, Dr. Littleton's point is that Evangelicals who will not question Joseph Smith's Magic Glasses of Polygamy have reached the fullest conclusion of the phrase, "Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows."

   And, last night, Bill Clinton talked too long. 

   Bill Clinton is one of the great, natural public speakers ever on the American scene. He is more natural than Reagan, who got a bit smug at times. RR was good and he knew it. Clinton is good, knows it but never lets you see how much he knows it.

   But he never knows when to just shut up.

   His speech last night lost power in the second strophe, like a flooded river loses its power the farther the deluge debarks from its banks. The result is mud, not electricity.

   Still, Mr. Clinton laid out the economic difference, as he sees it, between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. If Monday was about same-sex union and Tuesday was about restoring both God and Jerusalem to the Democratic platform, Wednesday night was about the economy. No one politician delivers straight talk on the economy as well as Mr. Clinton. He was magnificent in the bully pulpit, as ever.

   The deep shame for both parties is the way they are making this election seem to be about so called "social issues," when neither intends to do much with values. The GOP needs the social issues this year and will need them again in four years. The Dems do not know from whence morality emanates, so God is removed and Israel distanced.

   I am tapping into a deep reservoir of Anti-Anarchism here at aintsobad. My readership, deeply thoughtful, has surged since I began to expose the deep evil of Anarchism imbedded in Okie-homer, as personified by a literate man, a teacher, writer and deep thinker, Todd Littleton, who, apparently, has lost his mind. He believes the American electorate should stay home to make a point in November and also seems to believe Anarchists have a platform just like Republicans and Democrats.

   Ah, the dread delusion.

   So what if there is no one actually worthy of a vote? It is the vote itself that counts, neither the subject nor the object of the franchise. If one elects not to elect, electoral politics continues its decline to the abyss. And, this, my dear friends, aintsobad will simply not tolerate.

   I would rather vote for Todd Littleton, after he regains his senses, than either of the major candidates, and/or Ron Paul, who appears to have disappeared, again. Dr. Paul was an OB/GYN and, one supposes, is in Missouri giving anatomy lessons to Todd Akin. Regardless, Todd Littleton would be a better candidate than any of the three.

   I just hope he learns to reverence Mack Brown, like a good Christian would do.


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3 thoughts on “Bill Clinton Talks Too Long in Speech. Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Attacks God, Texas, Motherhood and Apple Pie. In Short, Another Day at the Office.”

  1. I don’t know if Clinton’s speech was to long or not. But you’re right, it was one of the best delivered speeches of both the GOP and Dem conventions so far.

  2. I hate to admit it but I like to hear Clinton speak up until about the middle of his speeches and then I begin to nod off, Reagan on the other hand is still inspiring metaphorical iimages in my head such ‘a little enters a room with a pile of horse manure and says, “oh boy a pony!’… see I cannot even write it right…lol.

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