Black Friday: I Strike

   Friday I picked up Grant, my oldest grandson at 2pm. We went to a shopping center.

   We are brave to the point of foolhardiness; two men, alone with only our devotion to one another, in a woman's paradise.

   We did find one of those outdoor giant chess sets with the huge pieces. Grant is seven, does not know the game yet, so we set up everything and reviewed the moves a chess piece can make. We played a game, while the wind pushed the ecosphere around us.

   I am determined to buy him a smaller set and renew our game later. He will be very good.

   We went to Barnes and Noble. He looked over various books and educational items. He took about 90 minutes to satisfy his curiousity about all the pieces. He finally settled on a nice educational toy with companion book. I allow him a larger allotment if he buys a book in a foreign language but he chose English this time.

   We went over to the diner where he had a hamburger and I bolted down some clear soup and crackers with hot tea.

   It was all very civilized.

   Did I mention we are geeks?

   On our way back to the truck, we stopped in a men's clothier, where I l0oked in vain for a gray, snap-brim fedora. The young fellow in the store looked at me blankly when I asked for the hat.

   I felt a wave of sadness. I am committed to finding my fedora.

   We passed some more large, outdoor toys. Though the day was cold and windy, Grant wanted to play a bit. I pulled my sports coat collar up high and sat on a bench to wach him cavort. I think we made a good showing; a respectable old grandfather, courtly and serene, awash in the joy of time spent with a little boy who is one of the special lights of my life. Grant was good all day. We considered the Muppet Movie, but decided less was more, and agreed to save the Muppets for another day.

   I do want him to know them, though.

   We did manage to buy somethiing on Black Friday, though. Grant got an educational toy with intricate workings and a book, for 50% off the regular price.

   So, there.


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