BlogEthics: Quoting Oneself As a Source

   Blogging takes a sad turn when one floats a rumor on one site, "picks up" on the rumor on another site and then comes back to report that rumor as fact.

   Apparently, that is what SBC Today did in its recent accusation against the BGCT. Now, what begins in dishonesty usually cannot end outside mendacity. I cannot now imagine the circumstances under which SBC Today could be taken seriously by anyone who has not made up their mind already.

   In addition, if you have time to post inaccurate information, you have to be ready to correct that information in timely fashion. To let something hang uncorrected means more uninformed readers cans be exposed to your bad information. Yes, we all have lives away from the blogosphere. However, we also all have the responsibility to douse any flame we start before we leave the campsite, lest a wildfire of our starting rage.

   The BGCT does not need help to falter. They are quite capable of shooting off their own remaining toes. No one needs to lie to hurt them.

5 thoughts on “BlogEthics: Quoting Oneself As a Source”

  1. David,
    I did not much believe the report Bart put up. To withhold designated missions money is too heinous and too easy to check on. No one is that stupid, though some don’t miss it far.
    I do assure you, I am not half-way supporting anyone. If I had found out the BGCT had committed this act, I would have pilloried them no end. I am looking for truth, where it may be found.
    I am most happy to discover there was nothing to the report other than a paperwork problem. The people who rushed to raise an inflammatory headline and now are slow to remove it simply have no credibility any more. They will get their reward from the people who reward such actions. One day, they will also have to face God. Lotsaluck with fooling the Deity.

  2. Peter,
    I can’t help your lostness. It is something you will have to deal with in your own life. If you cannot understand the motives of someone who would like to take a shot at the BGCT, I think you are probably too childish to be reading grown up blogs.
    From what I gather, you can’t dispute my contentions, you just don’t like my conclusions. Your immature contentions seem to be little more than the playground retort, “So are you…”
    Really, if this is the best you can do, stay away from here. I don’t need hits. I have plenty.

  3. Spiritual Samurai

    Oh, Oh, that was just too good to honest and to correct not to respond in awe and admiration.
    Rick, just have just earned you black belt in blog responses.

  4. RD,
    I agree with David M.
    You kind of remind me of the old Country Time Lemon Aid commercials. It was said of Country Time that it was not too tart and not too sweet.
    Your response was just about right.

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