BlogEthics: Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus, Deus Aderit

   Called or not, God appears.

   To blog is not a sacred calling (a vocare). To blog from a sacred calling requires a higher standard of writing, not as to talent, but as to conscience.

   An educated human being usually acquires a need for knowledge, work and some recognition. No writer exists to write for opprobrium primarily, or for personal enlightenment finally. Since most of us lack the financial resources to provide professional independence we learn early the art to cache our bolder thoughts, make our thoughts the captive of acceptance and so, at best, perhaps never do more than layer acceptable norms.

   The bohemian mauls our digestion, disturbs our sleep but mostly lies hidden until death does us part. We may spend our last day in this vale of tears torn between mere precision and enthusiastic elan.

   Bidden or unbidden, God appears. We cannot discuss God's presence in terms of intrusion, as though the Deity errs by appearance. A viable question for any writer, electronic or otherwise, is the simple, "Where is God in this work?"




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