Boj: Chapter Fourteen, page Three

Writer's Note: Yes, I too have missed Boj. Yes, I know where I am going with Boj. We will get to the hardest part for him shortly and I am hesitating because I hate to do to any of my characters what I am about to do to Boj.

If you need to get caught up, go to the link below and read forward. Yes, I began the Boj cyber-novel with an epilogue, so don't think you are reading the whole ending before you get to the start.

   Left to myself, I would write Christian opinion and fiction from the Book of Books, pastor my Church, take care of my babies and live out my life in peace. Apparently, I am not to be left to my own inclinations, nor to live out my life in peace. I do hope to finish Boj, despite it all. I know, after everything, that my Redeemer lives, and on the earth again shall stand. I acknowledge my need of redemption and the total sufficiency of my Redeemer.

Boj: Epilogue

I will post the body of the story a little later this morning, I hope. I have to make yet another doctor's appointment just now. Life is precious and to be protected, no matter how painful the reality.

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