Boj: Chapter Sixteen (Continued)

   Boj took a long time to break the cycle the pain drugs caused him. He functioned for several months with the massive headaches and insomnia that assailed him after the deaths of his oldest twins. His business was gone, his houses and lands and then his children. There was nothing left to him but long nights of darkness and days full of dreadful pain.

   And there was Golda. There was his Golda.

   Only Golda changed. Where always before any hard time brought them closer to one another, this series of disasters proved too much for her.

   "You are cursed," Golda told him. "You are cursed and my babies lie in the ground because you are cursed."

   Boj could not deny her accusations. Certainly, he seemed accursed beyond any man he knew.

   "I feel like someone dared God to test me," Boj said, over and again, to anyone who would listen. "I can't imagine why. I am just a man. I try to do right and good things. I can't fathom why anyone would want to see if I could live through a mess like this one."

   And all the while, the storm clouds darkened over his head. The ground trembled beneath his feet. The worst part was yet to come.

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