Bored To Death?

   Boredom. Infection of the miserable ennui virus.

   Life is not like a box of chocolates. In a box of chocolates, whatever you get is good.

   It’s covered with chocolate, isn’t it?

   Life is like being a soccer goalie; long periods of inactivity while the game goes on at the other end, punctuated with thirty seconds of sheer terror when it all comes at you.

   Oh, come on, tell me you don’t get the image. Word pictures are my thing.

   The greatest enemy of religion is the mundane. Fear energizes faith. Anger catalyzes a desperate search for control. Love, ah, love, will take you to a four year old’s preschool open house for bad sugar cookies and weak cider on a cold night with a happy smile on your stony visage.

   Word picture again. Take a moment. Enjoy.

   Monotony is, well, monotonous. One song, no, one note, played over and again until one imagines a hammer cracking that note bringer or one’s own skull.

   Word picture. Take a moment.

   "Live it up," we are told. In defiance, we turn on the TV to watch someone else live.

   "Breathe some life into this thing," someone begs but life is long gone from this thing and no amount of huff and puff will animate it again.

   Then, He shows up in human history. It is not the first time. He is in the story of the oven and the Jewish boys. He is in the image of the clouds.

   He just shows up again. He invades individualism to conquer for the collective Kingdom. He tells us we have to congregate because, divisions and all, we gain strength from Him when we are together.

   He condemns materialism, while appearing in material form. In so doing, He sets up one of the great contradictions of the human mind. He keeps us off balance with His healing, feeding, life-giving miracles, while He dismisses the powerful as empty weaklings.

   Bored? Spend an hour with Him, if you can keep up the pace with a fellow who walks thirteen minute miles in sandals over unroads under a blazing sun in the company of annoying people who continually ask Him to give them what He will not take for Himself.

   Bored? Listen to Him. His math never works. Giving is getting. Losing is gaining. Dying is giving life. Then, dismiss Him or start to try and figure Him out. You will need an eternal life time to get into His skin, along with some heavy revelation.

   Bored? Live with Him. He casts you into friendships with people others will not touch. In fact, you are not alive with Him unless and until He drops you in the deep fryer.

   Bored? Get over it.

   Christianity. It’s not a job. It’s an adventure.



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