Born Deaf and Mute-Episode Six at Reentry

Podcasts are not that hard to access. Our Reentry Podcast is available on Itunes.


Go to our website homepage

On the top of the page click on Reentry Podcasts

Scroll down and follow the prompts

Take twenty minutes to listen to Rachael Yancey’s testimony on Episode Six.

Rachael was deaf and mute until age five.

Rachael went the wrong way in her early teens.

Four husbands. Lots of boy friends. Two children.

Alcohol. Tobacco. Weed. Meth.

Twenty one wasted years. When I say wasted, I mean wasted, as in, she was wasted most of that time.




Set Free.

Used to redeem others.

Listen to her testimony.

Take some tissues for your eyes.

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