Brad Sham and Dale Hansen

I have been listening to the two men whose names I mention above for more than four decades. I still hear Brad Sham on Cowboy broadcasts and I am aware that Dale Hansen lives just down the road from us and still does sports broadcasting in this market.

I recently got to meet both gentleman because of awards given to our oldest grand-daughter, Faith Atchley. If you are not aware of Faith’s athletic and academic career you have never read this blog ever in your life. I will be glad to recount her accomplishments for you but settle on this with me. She is amazing.

So, we got to meet Brad Sham at the Field and Mary Scovell Sholarship Banquet last Monday evening. Brad Sham was the emcee of the event. Brad got there early, shook hands all around, did his Brad Sham thing and then hung around to visit with the common folk, of whom I am the commonest. He came across to me as decent, humble and generous. I admired his ability for all these years. I appreciated him more after meeting him.

And, then, Dale Hansen.

We got to meet Dale because Faith is one of his Scholar Athlete of the Week winners. For any who may not know, WHERE HAVE YOU HAVE BEEN?

Faith’s segment will be seen on WFAA Chanel 8 in Dallas Ft. Worth this coming Sunday night, 19 May 2019 at 10:30 pm. She is really something special.

But, I digress.

Dale Hansen.

He came in an hour late. He had nine explanations for his tardiness. He told five stories before he tried to record the first of the kids that night. He was huge, bluff, overwhelming and a bit much.

Then, he got on camera with the kids. He immediately became, well, a different person. He actually seemed to genuinely care about each of the kids. He took time with them. He made them laugh. He put them at ease.

And, I came away liking Dale Hansen.

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