Carnality and the Cities of the Plains

   I just finished three devotionals on carnality over at pastors pal. Since my hyperlinks seem confused, to access the September devotionals (I am writing one for each day of September), just go to the list of my blogs you see to your left and click on pastors pal. One fellow has already used one of the devotionals in his church, some others are planning to use them in sermons and Bible Studies. Go for it.

   You can't move on from carnality if you don't deal with it. You just take it with you wherever you go. The cities of the plains were destroyed long before the NT passage was penned that reminds us about them. Apparently the God of the bible thought they were worth another look. The next time someone asks you to just "move on and let things go" tell him, "If God lets this go, He has to apologize to Sodom."

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