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The Perfect Villain, Post Seven

Time does not do what we claim for it. Time does not fly. Time does not drag. Time does not stretch out endlessly.

Time was not. Time is now. Time will end.

Time exists only where (and when) time can be measured. Eternity stretches out on both sides of time, beginning and end. Time ends and human history ends with it, insofar as being a race apart from God.

Time is the place where humans build their cities. Eternity is the place where God builds the City of God. Human cities crumble, stumble, perish and fail. The eternal City of God never “shows its age” with the cracks of the pavement.

To live in the City of God requires an invitation from the One who rules there. This One is greater than all the other ones; transcends gender, includes in the divine nature the better aspects of each; never dies; cannot do evil; does not seduce others to do evil on behalf of the Godself. God lives sentiently; benefits all kinds with every sort of happy benevolence; loves sensuously; never depends on senses only; never, ever condemns the sensate being for being a sensate being.

The City of God, the merciful, then, is not just a place, like the cities of humankind. The City of God exists in eternity, overlapping time. Time finally surrenders. God remains and reigns victorious.

The God of the City comes into human history. The Common Man, the Perfect Villain, dwells with humankind. While present, the Christ demonstrates how we should live with one another, as well as how we ought to live before God. The Christ fills up time with Godself.

In what we call the Gospel Story of John in the Christian New Testament, in what we call chapters thirteen and fourteen, there are recorded four conversations between the troubled Christ and four of his blissfully ignorant closest friends:  Peter, who must learn to resist the devil who lives in his own tongue; Thomas who must be told to eschew spectating for following; Phillip, who must hear Jesus order him to stop being a follower and start to be a believer; Judas the Lesser, who inspires Jesus to tell him he, Judas, not Iscariot, to stop being a believer and start to be a champion.

They must, each man, learn to do what Jesus says. They must learn to obey in time. Eternity beckons, the abyss stretches wide its maw; time will end and so must not be wasted. Obviously, to the Christ, what we do in time matters in eternity.

Music, you know, has its time, too. Let a singer get the melody, learn the lyrics, harmonize, but step out of time. The result is, well, bagpipes. It is time to get in time before we run out of time.

One thing time will do as advertised. Time will run out on you.

The Perfect Villain, Post Six

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A Perfect Villain, Post Five

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Perfect Villian, Post Two

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Alternative Facts

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The Dearth of Democracy

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April 3, 2016 Is Not A Launch Day, It Is Just Our First Day…

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Mr. Trump: What He Says

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