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My Sad Stuff

Whatever can happen to anyone else

can apparently happen to me.

This is a revelation

an apocalypse

a mysterium

I should have uncovered

some time ago.


Like Aeschylus

I discovered

the unbidden tears.

I think he meant

the kind of tears

that wrack you with sobbing

at unexpected moments.


This morning a pastor was having child dedication

with a little boy

and a baby girl.

I’m glad post-modern churches

keep the congregants in the dark.

My shoulders shook


my eyes burned.


My sadness

is like the tears of



Who has been dead

a long, long


The Necessity of the Christ for a Good Life

On Resurrection Sunday a few years ago, numerous pastors of churches in a fading mainline American denomination rose to deny Jesus. The statement dozens of these heretics had agreed upon was spoken as in unison. They said, “Jesus, called the Christ, if he ever actually existed, was certainly not the ┬ádivine Son of God and… Continue Reading

The Perfect Villain, Post Seven

Time does not do what we claim for it. Time does not fly. Time does not drag. Time does not stretch out endlessly. Time was not. Time is now. Time will end. Time exists only where (and when) time can be measured. Eternity stretches out on both sides of time, beginning and end. Time ends… Continue Reading

Crime Controls Twenty-Five Per Cent of World Sports

A highly placed source among world sports anti-doping agencies says 25% of world sports is controlled by organized crime. Billions change hands each year because of the association of sports and criminals. So, if you are betting on professional sports (and millions do) you are betting against the house. Seek help. As a sports official… Continue Reading

For Those Who Cannot Live…

…unless I post my pre-season prognostications for the pigskin season, here we go! Many, many people have grown frustrated with the Dallas Cowboys (who now play in Arlington, Texas, instead of Irving, Texas). For three straight seasons the Arlington/Irving/Dallas Cowboys have finished 8-8 on the regular season, failing to reach the playoffs each time. Their… Continue Reading

You Read it Here First

Long time readers (God bless your persistence) will remember my former penchant for prognostication in this space. You remember, in my prior incarnation as a news and political junkie, I correctly predicted the GOP and Democratic candidates for 2004, 2008 and 2012, and picked the overall winner, about 18 months out each time. Yes, I… Continue Reading

Vulgarization of American Culture

Yesterday I started a stream of thought on how gaming has now become the place in our culture where morality is played out most clearly. The games themselves are nothing more than the brief focal point of attention. For many folks, a simple jump ahead to the final score would suffice, without the athletic expression.… Continue Reading