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Do you vote? I belong to that generation (Boomers, Busters, whatever you want to call us) that shows up to vote. I vote in every election. I vote early because I do not like lines but if I have to wait in line to vote, I will wait in line to vote. President to dogContinue Reading

My Day is Not My Day…

Today I had a plan. Plans are important. I guess they are useless, however. I got to my coffee shop with a plan in mind. All the things I wanted to do were good things. A young man I do not know came over, held out his hand, and said, “i need to talk toContinue Reading

Sunday Night Baptisms-Chains of Grace Ministries

Sunday Evening\ September 2, 2018 at 3958 J Rendon Road in Burleson, Texas we will baptize. First, we will eat food prepared by a Master Chef Dinner from 4 to 5:30 PM Then we will sing inside in air-conditioned comfort and we will preach ( I will) on Romans 13:1-7 because we (I) have beenContinue Reading

Sunday Evening, 2 September, 2018

We will baptize two young women on Sunday evening. Natalie and Windy came to us from some jail somewhere. We do not have a baptistry so we bought a trough. I suppose if a manger was good enough for a crib for the Boss, a steel trough will do for our girls. We love themContinue Reading

Joshaway, Texas

I’ve written before about the town where I was raised. Joshua, Texas. All of us who lived there then pronounced it Joshaway. Today my oldest grand-daughter drove me over to Joshaway. We had lunch first and filled up her Jeep. Then, we hit the happy streets of Joshaway. Some of the old roads and streetsContinue Reading


Two years ago today I wrecked my body and broke my neck. I had thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I was wrong. I fought back from the wreck. My broken body? God my wife my family and a number of people helped me get back from a brokenContinue Reading

A Tired Walker, a Hot Day, A Dirt Road

He was bent or so it looked to me. He was old or so it seemed to me. I passed him easily. I was young. He looked down at the dirt road. He did not look up at me even after I got by him. I know he did not look at me even afterContinue Reading

Wash and Wonder

I don’t think God knows much about business. God says “You gain by losing” How can that work? I doubt God knows much about mathematics. God says “The first will be last” and “The last will be first” So even God’s numbers can’t hold their spot. I wonder if God knows military strategy. God sendsContinue Reading

Easy to Read

I would like to be easy to read People are busy I want to say something worth saying Media call out to us all I want to write about family matters While our culture tears at families. So, I put my stuff down mostly in columns now A kind of dialogue without a story ToContinue Reading

Sadness Or Depression

Will you question with me once this question; Just and only this one? Are sadness and depression one and the same? A hundred companies claim they have a dozen cures for depression but not one I can find claims they have a cure for sadness. I don’t think I have depression. I never could sleepContinue Reading