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Mr. Trump: What He Says

Mr. Trump is oft maligned for what he does not say. He will not give many details about he would do as POTUS. In a recent Dallas speech, Mr. Trump revealed these secrets: The hair on his head is his own hair and only his hair. He is a winner who will make America aContinue Reading

Note To All Political Aides of Whichever Party

The families are off limits. Neither of the President’s teenaged daughters is running for anything. The comments made and followed in various media about them were reprehensible even in this environment. No nuancing here. This just cannot happen. If you have to have a Sensitivity Session for Common Decency, you start with this one thing. Leave minorContinue Reading

The Many Good Persons With Whom I Have Served…

…include vocational clergy and laity. For the (much) greater part, they merit the support of all the Church. To be certain, each of them deserves grace, by which I mean kind and compassionate love. I remember what Churchill wrote about a public leader: His all pervading hope was to go down to history as theContinue Reading

Will Spring Arrive Ere Along, Or Anon?

When I turned fifty, a decade ago, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. I began to fade out in the presence of persons under thirty-five. That is, it appeared, I disappeared, a bit at a time. At sixty (a number I never put next to my name, but, then, the Eagles are all over 70 andContinue Reading

The Human Debt(s)-Joy, Pain, Sadness, Love, Death, and Courage to Grasp Grace

In various sermons (I am a preacher, with all that entails) I used to say that God comes looking for us quite apart from any initiative on our part. The Catholic novelist Greeley calls God “love crazed” toward Humankind. For me, this must mean God comes looking for us, as God looked for Adam inContinue Reading

Jeanie Miley: Meeting Jesus Today-For the Cautious, the Curious, and the Committed

Writer’s Note: Long time readers remember I have used this site to review books, as well as other media projects. Today I want to key in on Jeanie Miley’s new Smith&Helwys offering, Meeting Jesus Today. I need to offer this disclaimer. Jeanie is my friend, a person whose integrity and intellect I admire. If she publishedContinue Reading

So, we got in late last night…

…because I talk too much. So, Joan was sleepy today. I prepared her lunch before retiring to bed last night. She got a nice Spinach Salad with tomato and cheese, with light croutons and some saltines. I sent her a half grapefruit for her morning snack and a whole banana for her afternoon snack. SheContinue Reading


   Old Man fed himself on shanks of stale bread and cheese for a week. He drank water from his well, though he knew Owl would have disapproved.    "That well is not so deep as could be," she often reproached him.    Owl was gone now.     Old Man sat on his porch asContinue Reading