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My Day is Not My Day…

Today I had a plan.

Plans are important. I guess they are useless, however.

I got to my coffee shop with a plan in mind.

All the things I wanted to do were good things.

A young man I do not know came over, held out his hand, and said, “i need to talk to you.” He talked for 45 minutes, we prayed and he walked away.

Immediately a second young man walked up, put out his hand and said, “My life stinks. Can you help me?” We talked for a half hour. He cried, we prayed, he left.

An older gentleman, also unknown to me, came over and said, ‘”May I have a turn?” He talked an hour. We prayed. He left.

Three hours, three unknown persons, three prayers. I have yet to do the first thing I intended to do but I got to talk to three men about Jesus.

Luke 9:38 tells us to pray to the Lord of the Harvest that laborers be raised up to the Harvest.  Someone, somewhere is praying that prayer. this is why I am getting the opportunity to visit with men i do not know about the God I do know.

A Tired Walker, a Hot Day, A Dirt Road

He was bent or so it looked to me. He was old or so it seemed to me. I passed him easily. I was young. He looked down at the dirt road. He did not look up at me even after I got by him. I know he did not look at me even after… Continue Reading

To Write

  The first time I write a piece I draw it from my heart. The heart part, the first, that’s the real piece. If that is enough, the piece you write, the first one, from your heart, it will leave you alone. The first piece will not call out to you at night. You may… Continue Reading

The Necessity of the Christ for a Good Life

On Resurrection Sunday a few years ago, numerous pastors of churches in a fading mainline American denomination rose to deny Jesus. The statement dozens of these heretics had agreed upon was spoken as in unison. They said, “Jesus, called the Christ, if he ever actually existed, was certainly not the  divine Son of God and… Continue Reading

How Does a Good Life Look?

Martin Luther’s short catechism begins with the phrase, “I believe God made me.” The man who rediscovered Christianity (at a time it was thought worth finding) might have announced his belief in God’s act of universal creation. He certainly believed God made it all, makes it all, keeps it all, redeems it all. When he… Continue Reading

What is a Good Life?

I perceive God in Jesus, the Christ. God chooses to show Godself as Father and Holy Spirit, but today I take the time to write about the apprehension of God in Jesus, the Christ, and make no excuses for the practice. Jesus is the Ultimate example of the Moral Exemplar. His life is The Good… Continue Reading

Why Bother to Believe AT All?

I perceive God as Tri-une; impossible, unlikely, nearly incomprehensible. I apprehend God in Jesus, (the, not a) Christ, foretold by the prophets, announced by angels, pursued by powerful foreigners, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, his death twice ordered by the Jealous Powerful (at His Advent, again at the Cross). Jesus lived a perfect life,… Continue Reading

The Priesthood of the Believable.

I perceive God as real, personal, just and loving. I accept God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and still find myself willing to accept the old paternal language even though I believe God embodies and transcends gender. I believe in One True Living God, who chooses to show Godself in three separate and distinct… Continue Reading

Prayers for Peace: Friday, June 8, 2018

The recent events in the Conservative Resurgence version of the Southern Baptist Convention caused various persons who remember me from the old days to reach out for some thoughts from me. It is true I fought early and hard for the now long dead SBC, but those days are long behind me. For continued thoughts… Continue Reading

Writer’s Note II-On the Sabbath Day (Christian)-Discrimen

I am writing in this space about Jesus, whom I call the Christ. His name is part name, part title, as are most of our names, if we know them. If we do not know the title that is our name, no matter. we seek titles to put before and after our names, cluttering our… Continue Reading