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48 Hours

For three years Jesus has fed their starving masses, buoyed their sagging spirits, healed their blind, deaf, limping multitudes, returned lepers to their homes and changed their minds about the status of women and the place of children. This “hick from Galilee” has done what real prophets do; preach the good news to the poor.

Now, Wednesday night, He has 48 hours to live. The people He served most often will join in His murder.

Tonight at 6 pm our Passion Week devotional series admits the coming of Christ’s ritual murder. Be with us tonight on Zoom for this session.

Zoom with us

If you wish to zoom with us this week each evening, send me permission to invite you. I will need your email address, so please send your ok to my email address: We will be doing a Vespers Service each evening this week, Passion Week, at 6pm. We will take Communion over the Zoom… Continue Reading

In These Perilous Times

We all feel the strain of the coronavirus outbreak. New therapies give us some fresh hope but the need for care is still with us. Let us do this. Even if we have to wear a mask and mostly stay home, let us work hard to make the world a happy, friendly place. Others may… Continue Reading


We are now two full months into the Corona virus. Quarantines, shortages and rising infection totals are a daily fact of life. We are a bit weary of it all. Medical and emergency responders are beyond weary. And, we have about used up our litany of cliches about fear. Let us dispel some of the… Continue Reading

Paul D. Perry and Brad Norman

I seldom endorse a person I do not know. I do know Paul D. Perry and I do know Brad Norman. Paul Perry is the candidate for a third term as County Commissioner of Precinct Three. Commissioners set tax rates, maintain Roads and Bridges, determine wage scales for county employees and represent the county in… Continue Reading

Vote for Paul D. Perry. Vote for Brad Norman.

Vote. Tomorrow is the start of early voting in local and state primaries. Remember: The winners of these primaries will be their party’s candidates in the fall. Therefore, they must win tomorrow. There are more registered voters in Texas than ever. There are two million more registered voters in Texas now than during the 2016… Continue Reading