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An Unarmed Citizenry

I promised this the next time I got to post.Then I went more than a week without a post. This is probably not as helpful as it would be if I could post more often.

Please let me give you this little Whine of the Week before I post the intended material. So, I am more busy that most old people. And I am older than most busy people. And, so on and so on. I was told by a couple of medical persons to cut back to half days for awhile, so I did; twelve hours most days now, seven days a week and I do not sleep more than a few hours each night. So, that is all of it-Whine of the Week.

I am busy.

And, I am concerned about the Socialists running for President on what used to be the Democrat Ticket. I was raised to vote Democrat and I have voted Democrat more than once. I will not vote the Socialist ticket. Nor should you. I am a John Kennedy Democrat. Mr. Kennedy wanted a strong military, a balanced budget and deep tax cuts. Who does that sound like?

Today’s Socialists, as I noted last week, want open borders, an unarmed citizenry, the promise of free everything for everyone (including illegal aliens), a cowed police force afraid to police (the recent Peace Officer to Unarmed Citizen shootings in Texas are evidence of the dangers of an unarmed citizenry and a frightened police force), and so on. I will get to all the things I listed. Today, I feel the need to offer thoughts on an unarmed citizenry.

A few years ago, I was guest preacher in a far away land on another continent. The citizenry there was awaiting the chance to vote for a new president, but the polls just never seemed to open.

There were numerous candidates willing to risk all to put their name forward. Here is the bigger problem; candidates kept dying, of the oddest things. One fell off something tall. One was run down by a truck while coming through town on his Mo-Ped.

The thing this folks had in common? They had started to climb in the “polls.”

The army in that nation was armed to the teeth. The citizenry was armed with only their teeth.

I mentioned some time ago, I own a gun. It is in a case in a closet. I have loaded it a couple of times, but never fired it. I am not a gun nut. I have lived into year 66 without ever needing to shoot at a fellow human.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution tells me that my fellow citizens and I are free to keep and bear arms. I do not believe we could stand against the US Army or a well trained SWAT team.

I do believe an armed citizenry gives pause to those who might take our rights. A trained police officer in Dallas feared for her life when entering the wrong apartment of a CPA armed with a bowl of ice cream. I do not want anyone shooting citizens or citizens threatening peace officers. I do want all the freedoms I can get. I will not surrender any of them without a tussle.

A few weeks ago, in this space, I put up a post in which I wrote the Second Amendment is not the one in the most danger. In the time since then, the same former US Congressman who says he will come for our guns has announced he will take our religious liberties by means of taxation if we will not teach our children to be pro-LGBTQ et al.

The crowd at the Q and A’s where Mr. O’Rourke announced he will take our guns and our prayer books if we do not conform to his oddball notions uniformly goes wild with applause. I understand they are hired to perform this act and the gentleman is polling at less than 2 per cent. He still gets a hearing.

Granted, his nonsense does not play well in the real world. I truly admire the Colorado women who told him he would not get her guns. She also chided him as a burglar with a record who just did not want his victims to have the means to protect themselves from him.

The MainStreamMedia will not play her interview. You have to go look for it. Please remember, these are many of the same people who cannot tell the difference between Western Kentucky and Northern Syria. Be careful when they tell you to trust them.

If Americans give up our freedoms easily, we will be the first people to ever let go of our freedoms easily. Once that starts, we can end up like the courageous Chinese citizen standing in front of a tank in the Heavenly Square. The tank will win each time.

Next Time: Free Everything for Everyone

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