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I Wish to Apologize to All Normal Persons

On October 1 of this year, I got on the scales at 205. On December 1 of this year, I got on the scales at 191. This was accomplished by nothing I did. No more exercise. No less calories. No effort, loss of 14 pounds. For normal persons, who may not have this advantage, pleaseContinue Reading

Joshua Owl Bruce McGill has died.

Joshua Owls of the late 1960s and early 1970s will remember Bruce McGill. Bruce died last weekend in his apartment in Ft. Worth. He was 64. Owls of that era will remember Bruce played running back on the District Championship 1970 team. He was also one of the founding members of the Revelation, a youthContinue Reading

Chains of Grace Ministry-A Parolee Comes to us today. He sat in a cell…

.for 39 years. He comes to one of our safe houses today straight from the prison release in Huntsville. When he went to prison, Ronald Reagan was President of the United States Thomas Wade Landry was still coach of the Dallas Cowboys Personal computers and cell phones were not popularly available There was still aContinue Reading

Today we remembered our grandson…

…with a ceremony at his grave site. His mother spoke, very movingly, and changed the way I think about what has happened to us all. She encouraged the family and friends who gathered in the chilly sunset to remember the baby, and to ask them about him and about how they are doing, because “toContinue Reading

A Friend Has Died. He was 64

A dear and good friend just called me to let me know about a high school friend of ours who has died. I will not divulge names; that is for the family. My friend, the one who called, has had a long series of hard things happen in her life. I mostly listened and triedContinue Reading

Lonely Hearts-A Chains of Grace Thanksgiving

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, privately funded ministry, providing re-entry services and supervision for men and women coming out of incarceration. You can see our story at   The holidays are tough for parolees. Most have not seen their families for years. They will not see them this Thanksgiving. We will feed themContinue Reading

From our Chains of Grace Family

You can find out more about Chains of Grace Ministry by going to You will find various ways to contribute to our ministry there, as well. We make no apology about asking Free Folks for financial help in our ministry to persons re-entering society. We believe every dollar you send is well spent. WeContinue Reading

A Chains of Grace Thanksgiving

Please visit our website at Yes, there are the inevitable places there to donate, but you can also find out about our ministry and all the ways you can help. What I want to do today is offer some very American Thanksgiving Holiday Thanks to God, to our Board, to our sister ministry HavenContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Five-Porn Alert

PG-13 Some Material Will Not Be Suitable for Younger Readers. Parental Supervision is Highly Recommended   For more information, go to Chains of Grace Ministry provides re-entry supervision and support for men and women coming out of incarceration Roughly one-half of the persons in our residential program are Registered Sex Offenders, or RSOs. HereContinue Reading

Moms Warn Your Sons-PG-13-Day Four

PG-13 Some material may not be suitable for younger readers. Parental discretion is recommended. Over the last week at this site we have offered some insights for mothers with sons of whatever age. Inparticular, we wish to get to mothers with young sons. Our ministry, Chains of Grace (find us at is Christ-centered andContinue Reading