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Chains of Grace: One of our Guys Tells a Story You Need to Hear

Today at 4pm we will put up another podcast interview at John was a responsible, middle aged guy with a good job. Then, he sinned a series of sins that led him to arrest, sentencing, depression and twenty five years in prison. Hear his testimony today at 4pm at You can simply goContinue Reading

Please be praying. The phone rang again.

My friends Jim and Karen James need our prayers. Jim was in a serious accident today. The doctors have told them the next two to three days are critical. I cannot overstate how wonderful this family is and how dear to us. Please pray for Jim and Karen James and their family.Continue Reading

Memorial Service for Terry Cosby

The memorial service for Terry Cosby will be Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2pm. The service will be held at White Bluff Chapel, where Terry was faithful to be the pastor for more than ten years. Larry Venable, Bob Webb and Bobby Broyles will share a word from the old days at Howard Payne toContinue Reading

So, the bragging continues…

…in that our eldest grandchild, Faith Atchley, has won a few more honors for her basketball skills. I know you cannot wait to learn the newest news, but that will have to wait until after the disclaimer. To wit: All 12 of our grandchildren are absolutely perfect in every way, lacking in nothing. Each oneContinue Reading

Terry Cosby Is a Special Guy

I have not wept for many men. I have wept for him. Perhaps I should have left the year and kept the day from then. We met at HPU in Brownwood, Texas. He was a small town football hero and a future small college All American in Track and Field. I was not. I wasContinue Reading

Terry Cosby Has Died

For a few days we have asked for prayer for “my friend.” Out of deference to his family and his wishes we mentioned no names. Now, word has spread to his many friends around the state of his last illness. Terry went to be with our Lord in mid-afternoon today surrounded by his wife, hisContinue Reading

Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian

A special election will be held on May 4, 2019 to elect a mayor for Midlothian. Our friend Richard Reno has filed to run for this important position. You should know these things about Richard Reno: Richard Reno attained the rank of Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Richard Reno graduated from Texas AContinue Reading

My Good Friend Is Very Ill

I have many friends. You cannot live a public life for fifty years and fail to make many good friends. I have been blessed and blessed and blessed again. One of my dearest friends (and he of longest duration) is very ill. He does not want his name or his condition splashed on Facebook. IContinue Reading

I Appreciate the work of our American Democrat Politicians

In the last week I have read various tweets, instagrams, blogs and main stream journalists carrying the words of Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker , Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and more. The common factor in these communiques is wrath laid out against the American legal process and its cowardice involved in parting infants asContinue Reading

Chains of Grace: Help Us Change the Narrative by Repeating Our Story

Please take twenty minutes to hear our story. Go to On the top of the home page, click on Reentry Podcast. When the next scree appears, click on Episode Two-Three Things Known. You will hear the testimony of one of our guys, Juan, who will share with you the miracles God worked in hisContinue Reading