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Born Deaf and Mute-Episode Six at Reentry

Podcasts are not that hard to access. Our Reentry Podcast is available on Itunes. Or, Go to our website homepage On the top of the page click on Reentry Podcasts Scroll down and follow the prompts Take twenty minutes to listen to Rachael Yancey’s testimony on Episode Six. Rachael was deaf and mute untilContinue Reading

Wedgewood Baptist Church and Pastor Dale Braswell

One of the things I get to do as Executive Director of Chains of Grace ministry is meet with church staff and church champions about our ministry. Tuesday, May 14, I sat down with Wedgwood Baptist Church Lead Pastor Dale Braswell. Dale was kind enough to give me more than an hour to visit withContinue Reading

Brad Sham and Dale Hansen

I have been listening to the two men whose names I mention above for more than four decades. I still hear Brad Sham on Cowboy broadcasts and I am aware that Dale Hansen lives just down the road from us and still does sports broadcasting in this market. I recently got to meet both gentlemanContinue Reading

Field and Mary Scovell Scholarship Award: Brag, Brag, Brag

Our oldest granddaughter, Faith Atchley, was one of ten High School Recipients of the Field and Mary Scovell Sholarship Award. We went to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas for the awards ceremony last night. How big a deal was this evening? Brad Sham, voice of the Dallas Cowboys, was the emcee. Brad Sham. ThisContinue Reading

Haven of Rest: Nolen and Rachael Yancey

The sister ministry most closely allied with Chains of Grace is the reentry ministry of Nolen and Rachael Yancey. They call their ministry Haven of Rest. Nolen and Rachael are the two most authentic Christians I have met in the last twenty years. They are the hardest workers I know. We support their ministry inContinue Reading

“I Will Take What Comes” is not preferable to “I Will Think Through My Actions Before I Act”

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, non profit ministry. Chains of Grace is privately funded. Chains of Grace provides re-entry services and supervision for persons coming out of incarceration. Persons who come out of prison, state jail, federal prisons or even county jails re=enter a bewildering world. Many already own a record indicating the worldContinue Reading

When a Slip Becomes a Slide

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, non-profit ministry. Chains of Grace provides reentry services and supervision for persons coming out of incarceration. We are supervisory in that we are directional. We try to be pro-active in offering instruction when we have reason to believe a person may be engaging in moral error. We hope toContinue Reading

Sierra Leone Scam

You may be receiving calls from the African nation of Sierra Leone. I got three this morning. I do not know anyone in Sierra Leone. The call is to inform the recipient you have failed to pay some fine. The police are being dispatched to arrest you, unless you go to your nearest Target storeContinue Reading

Dr. Todd Littleton and His Website

This week my friend Dr. Todd Littleton was kind enough to put up an interview with me on his website. We spent an hour discussing the ministry of Chains of Grace. You can find his website under his name, Dt. Todd Littleton, or at patheological: A podcast for the pastor-theologian. Patheological Website Our Podcast LinkContinue Reading

Fake News and the Real You

Fake news is a scary phrase not unlike False Truth. I will not take your time to lecture you on our 24 hour newscycle or advocational journalism on the right or left, because neither of those items really matter when it comes down to telling the truth. The consumers of Fake News may not knowContinue Reading