Chains of Grace Lost a Great Friend

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This week we lost a long-time client and friend. Let me mention him by first name only, for now.

Brian finished his parole with us. Tuesday, he finished his life with us.

I mention him because he helped our ministry in a dozen ways. Brian never shirked a duty. He always kept his word. We only knew the redeemed Brian. He was in and out of prison and the programs that go with it, but when Brian came to us, he was the real Brian, the redeemed Brian.

Our friends Nolen and Rachael Yancey were with Brian, holding his hand and singing hymns to him as he departed this life. Brian died at the home where he lived for years and the place he asked to die when it became apparent the illness was too far for physical healing in this life. The men who knew him best, who lived with him longest, ministered to him until his last breath. He did not have to die alone.

I often say our little band of ex-felons are not the worst of men. They only have the worst of offences laid against them. Brian was one of those men. He passed from this life with all its attendant pleasures and pains into the arms of the God who forgave all the charges against him.

We loved him.

We love him.

We shall see him again.

If you wish to see or hear from Brian, the legacy he will leave behind at CoG and HoR ministries, watch him in our feature film and listen to him in his podcast episode here:

Brian’s Podcast with CoG

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