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For nearly two years I have been privileged to direct a ministry called Chains of Grace. We provide reentry services and supervision for men and women coming out of incarceration (jail, prison).

You can find out more about us at

Of particular interest on our website you can find our podcasts. The interviews on the podcasts are informative and heart rending. The stories you will hear on our podcasts will move your heart.

Chains of Grace does a lot. In this last week, Chains of Grace:

  1. Placed a new parolee in a good paying job where he can provide for his own financial needs.
  2. Placed two more new parolees in one of our residences, where we can minister to their spiritual and physical needs.
  3. Provided a parolee’s family with the money needed to get two children supplied with school clothes and supplies. We also helped the single mom supporting two children with funds to catch up on her rent, thus relieving her of the tremendous stress of a working , single mom.
  4. Saw two of our residents get jobs with some of our felon friendly employers. Another of our residents got a better job, with higher pay and benefits.
  5. One of the network of doctors who work with us was able to correct a diagnosis for one of our older men, aged 85. She correctly diagnosed his issue and was able to provide immediate relief, as well as get him lined up for long term care. She did this all at no charge to our older brother, who has been suffering greatly.
  6. One of the dentists who works with us has completely remade the dental situation of one of our young men whose prior drug habits had ruined his teeth. He now has a mouth full of teeth and can smile again. The dentist did this at less than one-fifth of the cost usually paid. Our ministry was able to provide a portion of the reduced price.
  7. We provided transportation for parolees to Parole Offices, Counseling Appointments,Medical Appointments, Therapy Sessions and Jobs. In all, our transportation helpers drove more than 1,000 miles in the last week.

All of this is in addition to the Worship Services, Bible Studies and Fellowship Opportunities. Does this sound like a ministry you could support?

Chains of Grace does not take any government support. Our work is funded by Christians and even non-Christians who see the worth of what we do.

Will you start to support our work? Let me plead with you to make funds available to us so that we can do more. We are very nearly full up in our residences. I want to purchase another house ASAP.

I already give to our ministry, of course, but let me make an offer to incentivize your giving by making a personal sacrifice on my part. In addition to what I already give, I pledge during the month of September to match new gifts coming to us up to $1,000 total. I am sure you will respond to this fund drive. If we can raise $25,000 in this way, we can hasten to buy another house and fill it with new parolees.

So, let me be plain about this offer. In addition to what I usually give, I will match new gifts up to $1,000.00 so we can do more, meaning in the month of September, I will give my usual gifts and up to $1,000.00 more. Please join me in this Fund Drive.

Help us help people get their lives right.

Join our Facebook Fundraiser now, or,

Go to, find a Donate Button, click on it and follow the prompts.

Or, mail a check to Chains of Grace, PO Box 1344 Midlothian, Texas 76065.

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