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Let me give out a thousand thanks for those who contributed to our Chains of Grace Ministry for my birthday. You can still help us by going to our website, as many did yesterday, or contribute on my Facebook site, as many others did. Or, you can mail us a check to Chains of Grace at PO Box 1344 Midlothian, TX 76065.

Our website is Just find a Donate box, click on it and follow the prompts. If you can make your gift recurring (a monthly donation) please do. I would still like to have 1,000 people giving $25 each month.

What do we do?

At our website you can watch videos and listen to podcasts to help you know who we are and what we do.

Reentry Podcast:

Video Showcase:

Here is our Mission Statement:

We provide re-entry services and supervision for men and women coming from incarceration.

What can this mean?

We provide transportation to one of our safe houses.

We provide safe, affordable housing.

We provide excellent employment opportunities with felon friendly employers.

We help retrieve documents like Social Security, Birth certificates and Driver’s Licenses.

We have taught people to drive, pulled them out of drug houses, rescued them from persons committed to taking advantage of them, preached to them, taught social skills, shooed away the bad guys who might hurt them, provided Bible studies, helped them reunite with families, helped them with medical and dental and optometric needs, fed them, clothed them, guided them, behaved as a Dad to them because most of them never had a Dad or had a very bad Dad, drug counseled them, heard their confessions, helped them get cars, taught them to get insurance, baptized them, helped them with relationships, married a few to godly partners, spent hours on the phone with their family members, helped them get job skills, listened to their weeping, celebrated the day the state takes off their ankle monitor, rejoiced when they fulfill their parole and come “off paper, watched them graduate from our program of ministry into homes and ministries of their own, welcomed them back for reunions, we have given out hundreds of Bibles and devotional studies, corresponded times a thousand with incarcerated men, prayed for them, loved them, chastened and corrected them.

These are a few things we do to help these who are the least of our brethren.

How many things do we do I have not listed?

Every guy needs something else.

We have taken some of the women off the streets, literally, and housed and clothed them. We have helped some get back with their children.

What do we not do?

We do not see many go back to jail. In fact, it is now about 18 months since any of our folks went back to jail.

Do we fail?


Do we count our successes as permanent?


We keep on doing the work.

Please help us by donating money to our work. Please become one of 1,000 to give us $25 or more each month.

And, in the name of our Lord, and for the sake of our guys, thank you.

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