Chains of Grace Ministry-A Parolee Comes to us today. He sat in a cell…

.for 39 years. He comes to one of our safe houses today straight from the prison release in Huntsville.

When he went to prison,

  • Ronald Reagan was President of the United States
  • Thomas Wade Landry was still coach of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Personal computers and cell phones were not popularly available
  • There was still a Berlin wall

if the average life expectancy of an American male is just less than 75 years, he has spent more than half his expected life span behind bars. If you live in Texas your tax dollars have gone to pay the enormous amount required to keep him in a cell.

We get him late today or tomorrow. He will be placed in the safe house closest to our on-site administrators and for a time will not have a room mate. We do this so he can start to deal with the anxiety that comes from a total life change. We will feed, clothe and house him, put appropriate clothes on him. We will spend a few hours helping him obtain the necessary personal documents to get a job. Then we will start to work on job placement with a felony accepting employer. None of this will cost the tax payer a cent because we are privately funded by donations.

Chains of Grace is a Christ-centered, privately funded, non-profit charitable organization designed to provide re-entry supervision and services to men and women coming out of terms of incarceration. You can find out more about us by going to: If you wish to donate through the website, just click on one of the donation sites, follow the prompts and we will gladly receive what you give to enable us to do this work.

If you prefer to contact us through our hard address, you can find us at:

Chains of Grace

PO Box 1344

Midlothian, TX 76065

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