Chains of Grace: One of our Guys Tells a Story You Need to Hear

Today at 4pm we will put up another podcast interview at John was a responsible, middle aged guy with a good job. Then, he sinned a series of sins that led him to arrest, sentencing, depression and twenty five years in prison. Hear his testimony today at 4pm at

You can simply go to At the top of the Home Page see the Re-entry Podcast. Click on those words and go to Episode 3 to hear John talk about how hard and far he fell. He will not just be bragging about how bad he lived. We don’t encourage that behavior at Chains of Grace. Instead, John will tell you how God in Christ is bringing him back to do a very real ministry.

Of course, our previous podcasts, Episodes 1 and 2, are still there, if you need to catch up with us. Give them all a listen. Episode 3 goes up at 4pm on Friday, March 8, 2019, and will be there for you.

iTunes podcast link
to episode 3: I fell in love with a horse and got 2 99s

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