Chains of Grace: Our Ladies House Would Be Full, Except…

…for our overwhelming desire to take care of our ladies as best we can.

Here is an update:

  1. We have three wonderful ladies in our ladies residence right now
  2. We have room for four more, perhaps five.
  3. We believe we have at least three more ladies on the way to live as residents with us.
  4. We intentionally bought a site for o. ur ladies that is some distance removed from any of our men’s residences.
  5. We do not house men and women together.
  6. If I have to explain the reasons for numbers  4 and 5 to you, I am probably not smart enough to do it.

Our ladies residence is the nicest of our houses. It is in a very nice, quiet neighborhood where the ladies are safe and happy. It is by far the most attractive of our sites in every way. We keep the resident number low.

I was told when we looked at opening up our ladies residence that we would have more issues with our ladies than with our gentlemen. I was skeptical at first.

Now, I see what they meant.

A clear minded, strong willed female who wants things a certain way is harder to deal with than a similar male. The ladies know we will not put them out the first time they have an issue because we do not want them living on the street, or in a standard rescue mission where space requirements mean they will have to be in close proximity with men.

Prepare to be angry with me here, ladies, but the MeToo movement has taught us this one thing for certain. To wit, women are not safe from men unless massive force is applied from some other source. A woman demeaned by a man remains so until he lets up or she can break out.

We work hard to make sure our women are safe. It is harder to guarantee the safety of a lady than you might imagine.


To learn more about us, go to www.chainsofgrace,org. We are privately funded, so we need your help if God leads you to help us. Go to our website, click on a Donate button and fill out the required information. Please help us do this work to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.

If you prefer to write checks, please send a check for any amount to:

Chains of Grace

PO Box 1344

Midlothian, Texas 76065.

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