Chains of Grace: Please go to our Prayer Site

Chains of Grace is a Christ centered, not for profit ministry. We provide re-entry services and supervision for men and women coming from incarceration. We are privately funded, which means we depend on you.

Will you pray with us? We have our giving goals. We have our prayer goals. You can help.

Please go to our Facebook site, Chains of Grace Prayer Team and just like that page. Then, please ask all your friends to like the page as well.

We would really like to have thousands of people who come to our Prayer Page regularly, even daily, and pray for the requests we will put up on the site. I would be so happy to tell one of our guys or girls, “We will have thousands of people praying for you tonight.”

Today, so far:

  1. We took a young man one hundred miles west to take his state required annual polygraph test, because he cannot enter Tarrant or Dallas counties because of his offence. He passed. We praised God together.
  2. We used our network of medical professionals to get one of our young men in to day a doctor free of charge. He did not know a doctor to see. He barely knew how to make an appointment. We praised God together.
  3. We helped a young man buy his first car. He has passed his driving test for a license since coming to us. He has recovered all his documents, so he is able to have a license. Now, he will have a reliable, low cost vehicle to get to work. No, we do not make any money on the car, but we make everything else happen.
  4. One of our ladies spent hours at the Tarrant County Jail teaching women how to re-enter the culture in ways that will benefit them and their children.

We also continued work on one of our newest house. We need to bring it up to code so the state will release men to us to live in this house, our latest.

Do you need anything else to pray about today? Please help us by going to our prayer site. Help us lift up these men and women who are trying to be more and other then they have been in their lives.

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