Chains of Grace Reentry Ministry: What’s the Big Deal?

Chains of Grace is a reentry ministry. Reentry is a long string of occurrences coming after a person is released from incarceration. Our mission statement is simply: We provide reentry services and supervision for men and women coming out of incarceration.

You can find out even more about us by going to our website at There on our home page you can gain access to five videos. The longest one is just over seven and one half minutes. In each of them you will see and hear from people close to this ministry

This year we have helped house more than 80 men who have come out of incarceration. Exactly one returned to a life of crime. He is sitting in a federal prison right now, awaiting some kind of sentencing. I think he will be in prison for more than a decade this time. Since he was arrested this time we have continued to pray for him and to contact him and his family. We keep track of our guys, even the ones who experience failures. I have personally written him 16 letters since November 1, when he went back to jail.

Will you help us?

We need prayer support from all of you. Please go to our facebook Chains of Grace Prayer Page and sign up to be a prayer helper with us.

Will you help us?

We need money. We do not accept any government money from any source. We are privately funded.

Before I am finished, before my time on Earth is complete, I have made it my goal to have 1,000 people giving a recurring amount of $25 per month to Chains of Grace. Go to our Facebook site and sign up to be one of a 1,000.

We have just now started to enlist persons to be one of a thousand to give us $25 per month recurring. Since we started, this has happened:

Doug and Sarah Chandler donated $1000, which is 40 of the 1,000 we need

Alice Lail sent us $500, which is 20 more spots.

Grant Boatwright took one spot.

Steve Mencke took one spot.

David Woods, Sr. took a spot.

Dennis and Teresa Smart donated 1.25 spots this time around. They have always and ever been generous givers to this ministry.

So, we are at more than sixty spots. Our immediate goal is 100. Will you helps us reach our goal? Follow the links to our Wintervention Goal at our Facebook site and there commit to giving $25 per month. We intend to reach 1000 givers at $25 per month, or $300,000 per year. Will you please become one of the folks who takes a recurring spot with us?

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