Chains of Grace: Sunday Evening Worship at 6 pm

Chains of Grace has a Zoom presented worship hour each Sunday evening at 6pm. You are invited to attend.

Dr. Jordan Davis leads the music worship.

I do the preaching message.

If you wish to participate, please contact me here with your contact information, which I will forward to our IT helper. You will get a recurring invitation to the worship experience. The worship service takes about an hour, not more.

The sermon for this Sunday night, May 3, 2020 is titled, “How Far Have You Got?: and the text is from Philippians 3:7-12. Therein, the Apostle Paul recounts his prior prideful life and how Jesus approached him with loving grace to call him out of his old life.

In the passage, Paul tells us how far he has got.

How far have you got? Since your salvation, since you first accepted Jesus as Savior, how far have you got?

Let us talk about this on Sunday evening, 3 May, 2020 at 6pm. You are invited.

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