Chains of Grace: This Does Not Always Work

When does our ministry run aground? When do we fail?

I am not sure we fail. We tend to take all persons as they present themselves. When we cannot house a person, for whatever reason, we seek to find a more suitable residence to take our place.

And, yet, there are those times when we just do not feel like we have made it work. I don’t want to sound too pedantic, but, almost always, when I come away feeling like we failed, it is because we cared more about the applicant’s recovery than he or she seemed to care.

A taste of freedom is not enough for some persons. It is too much for others. The rationale we hear from person to person is such your head would spin. One person thinks he is “beyond the point where he must answer to us.” Another believes she is ok because her latest drug test only showed her using an illegal drug “she is sure she can handle, not like the illegal drugs that put her in jail before.”

No names get mentioned here without express permission. Our heart goes out to persons who fall back into the old habits. They are the ones we are here to help, after all. I am saying today this one thing; we do not always succeed. Usually, we fail because we are trying harder than the person we seek to help.

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