Chains of Grace: This week in our history

God called me out to direct the day to day operations of a Christ-centered ministry called Chains of Grace. We provide re-entry services and supervision for men and women coming out of incarceration.

This week:

  1. We helped a parolee family get their kids ready for back to school.
  2. We provided financial help to supply more than 350 backpacks filled with school supplies for other parolee families.
  3. We handled a threat against one of our houses without property damage or personal injury to anyone involved-so far.
  4. We transported parolees more than 800 miles to various doctors and parole offices.
  5. We repaired the air conditioning in one of the houses of our sister ministry, Haven of Rest. Life without AC in August in Texas? Uh, no.

We are in our September Fund Match Month. I know it is August, but we have to raise some money. I agreed to match a goal of $1000 in September new giving. We are already at $300. So, I will be matching that amount out of my own pocket this week. We will raise the other money, I am sure.

Are you able to offer a matching amount for us as well? It is very easy and your participation can be as private as you wish. I put my name out there to show I am in this to a cinder.

You can help us as well. Simply let me know how much new giving you are willing to match; any amount. We will use that figure to encourage others to give because they know they can double or triple their offering to our ministry.

I really need to raise $5000 to replace an AC unit at one of our houses. Will you help us raise that amount by offering a matching goal?

You can contact me at, or call me at 972-740-1917.

You can give directly to us in two ways:

Send a check to PO Box 1344 in Midlothian, TX 76065. Make the check out to Chains of Grace directly, please.


Go to our website at Click on one of the Donate buttons and follow the prompts. Your gift is tax deductible.

Please join me to offer a matching gift to our ministry this month. Set any amount to be matched and we will take it to the world.

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