Chains of Grace: Time Enough to Bless Them Now

Chains of Grace: Time Enough to Bless Them Now

This Saturday I accompanied a group from the Midlothian Bible Church to the prison in Venus. Each year this group collects, bags and distributes Christmas bags to all inmates at the local state prison. You can imagine this act of charity takes hours of effort over a period of weeks. God bless the Midlothian Bible Church and Brother Bill Curry for organizing this effort. I was honored just to tag along with them.

On Sunday, yesterday, we were equally privileged to take the Lord’s Supper elements to two of our houses. A majority of the fellows in the houses cannot attend regular worship services, so we carried the elements to them, from house to house. We constituted as a local church to share the rite (no steeple required; we only need two who meet in the name of the Lord; we easily exceeded that number at each stop) and the parolees seemed to be deeply moved to take the Lord’s Supper. More than one wept.

We also got to teach the Doxology to many of them. This is the “good word” sung at the end of Communion. Sadly, all the fellows will now sing it like me, but I assume God can honor their efforts, anyway.

We also held a carol sing at one of the meeting houses. We lifted up our Lord in songs of the season. One of our new fellows has a deep bass voice. He agreed to read (and comment on) the Advent Story from Luke 2. All in all, Jesus was lifted up in our midst.

We can do all this for our parolees because we are privately funded. That is, we take no government money. Therefore, we can take the Lord’s Supper from house to house, sing carols of Christmas and lift up dozens of men few others want.

Will you help us?

Go to, click on Donate and follow the prompts to give us the help we need. Please click on the box that allows your gift to be recurring. We will need your help every month.


Go to our Chains of Grace Facebook page, click on the Donate button and, please, in following the prompts, be sure to make your gift monthly.

In 2020, we want to have 1,000 units of $25 apiece, adding up to $300,000 each year. We can pay all who work with us and add two houses each year with that amount. Please help us take the gospel to those who cannot just walk into any church.

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