Chains of Grace: We need $25,000 to get another house.

In a few weeks we will start to welcome residents into our latest refurbished safe house. At that time, when it fills, we will have 91 beds, along with our sister ministry, Haven of Rest.

When we finish and fill the latest one, we will immediately try to find another and enter the bidding process. We hope this one will put our ministries at 100 beds. Since the TDCJ prison system releases 150 persons per day, we will not even be at one day’s release number. This does not include persons released from county jails, federal prisons, et al.

Some released persons can go to family or friends. This is impossible for many. For others who could go to family or friends, it is not a good idea for them or their family.

Granted, there are many other ministries and facilities out there. We research nearby facilities to see if they meet our standards. If they do, we can recommend them whenever we cannot take a parolee, for whatever reason.

One of the main reasons we cannot take a parolee is simply space. Most of our beds are full now. Some beds will come open before long as people move on from us, but we have promised their beds to others who are nearing parole.

We believe we need to open more safe houses. To do a down payment and then refurbish most places we need about $25,000. So, please give us any part of that amount. If you want, you can come look at our current facilities. Just give me a call. We will take a tour.

Visit our website at You will find boxes marked Donate on each page. Click the Donate box and follow the prompts to become a monthly giver at any amount. Many thanks.

For those who prefer to give checks (like me) send yours to our hard address at Chains of Grace, PO Box 1344 Midlothian, Texas.

At our website you can listen to our new podcasts now. The second one goes up this week. Juan tells us how he got where he is today, via crime and prison and Christ. You will want to listen this Friday on our website to Juan’s testimony on our Reentry podcast.

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