Chains of Grace: What We Celebrate

Well, we celebrate the oddest things.

One of our guys is about to graduate from out program. He is moving on in his life. That means, he is coming off of parole. He has a job, one that his employers created for him because they did not want to lose him. It is a good job. He has a place to live just more than a mile from his new job. And, his family is taking him back into their good graces.

One of our guys got his ankle monitor off more than a year early. He, too, has a good job now. He is working hard, but he is making a decent living for himself.

One of our guys talked to his brother last week. This does not seem like much, but he has not spoken to his brother in more than twelve years. When our fellow went to prison, his brother cut him out of his life. They talked for five minutes on the phone last week, for the first time in twelve years.

We celebrate the oddest things at Chains of Grace, don’t we?

Decent jobs, the end of paroles, an ankle monitor is taken off early. A family reconciles. A brother talks to his brother.

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