Chains of Grace-Why We Are Needed

I spent a good portion of time last week with young men who are headed for prison. They have not yet been arrested, charged, or even investigated for any crime. Our conversations were neither legal briefings nor confessional in nature.

I was asked to speak with each young men by persons who love them. I met with them independent of one another. Again, they have never met, are not the same age, did not attend the same schools or churches. As far as I know, they have these two things in common; they each had the great displeasure of meeting with me and they are both going to prison.

In fact, I told each young man the truth as I see it. The best way our ministry can help them is to give them some reentry help after they go through the legal system, spend some time in prison and then earn parole. Since neither one is currently in the system and because of my age, it will probably be my successor who gets to help them reenter society in ten or fifteen years.

Each fellow uses his money for alcohol or substance abuse. Neither one can go home to mom or dad or have contact with siblings. No education, no training, no wholesome relationships; all these factors point to the Big House with the bars. One bad choice after another will finally take them into your house through a window or smashed door, or into your car via a broken glass or just upside of your head to get your money. I truly hope neither young man hurts anyone else, but you see the potential. One could not make it through our interview without cursing and threatening me, after he decided I was not there to give him money or help him buy drugs.

We will always need a reentry ministry like Chains of Grace. I will give it my last active years and hope for the best. I hope you will pray for our work, refer others to us, contact us and donate to us.

Go to and see how you can help by donating to us.

If you prefer not to give on line, please send your donation via check to Chains of Grace at PO Box 1344, Midlothian, TX 76065

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