Chains of Grace: Will You Help Us?

Chains of Grace is a Christ centered, not for profit ministry. We provide reentry services and supervision for men and women coming out of incarceration.

We do not take government funding.

We entirely depend upon what God does through you and others like you to provide this ministry.

Some people will not help us because we are Christ centered.

Some people will not help us because of the people we minister to and the crimes they have committed.

We certainly understand if people do not wish to help us because of our love for Jesus Christ. We respect other belief systems. We are Christian, Christ-centered, not just faith based. People who come to us know this before they come to us.

We make no apology for our love of Jesus Christ.

We understand the sentiment of others who do not wish to help us because the men and women we minister to are criminals. They are criminals. We only take criminals. People who come to us for ministry must “wear their charge.” We only take criminals. It would be unwise to try to take innocent persons and put them in here with our criminals.

One night a couple of years ago we added up the number of years the persons in the worship center had been assessed. When we added up the total sentences just of the persons in the worship center that one night, it came out to over 1,000 years in total. That is the max sentence of each person in the room that night.

There were less than 40 persons in the room that night.

So, we understand if the darkness of the deeds of our residents causes people who could help us to turn their face away.

We understand.

Will you help us?

To do so means you have to accept the fact we put Jesus first in all our ministry to these men and women. To help us means you accept the fact our residents were previously residents of Texas and Federal prisons. They are criminals.

Jesus is their only hope.

Will you help us help them?

We need 1,000 people giving us the equivalent of $25 per month.

I do not have to tell you this pandemic quarantine has set us back some.

But no one has been turned away, yet.

Will you help us?

Go to Find one of the Donate buttons, click on it and follow the instructions to donate. Please make your gift Recurring.


Write a check and mail it to it to our hard address:

Chains of Grace

PO Box 1344

Midlothian, TX 76065

Please help us help these people in the name of Jesus.

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