Changing the Story: Pray

We call our ministry Chains of Grace. I suppose the names seems somewhat theatrical but good hearted people with the best of intentions chose the name years ago. They bent every effort to establish and expand a great work. They saw chains as connectors as though our real strength is that which holds us together. No matter who we are the power of God holds us as one family,

The early Christian church grew so rapidly because it included men, women, children, slave owners and slaves. No caste was too high. No slave was too low. If we read our history correctly, it seems the fellow who penned most of the New Testament, Luke, started life as a slave. No one was too low to be connected together with others in Christ. The slave owner had to learn to accept the slave as kin. Was that the hardest thing to do, or was it harder for the slave to love the slave holder? There must have been repentance on one side and forgiveness on the other. You have to decide which is more difficult. I cannot.

What I can do is ask you to pray with us every day this year. God uses us to provide reentry services and supervision to men and women emerging from incarceration. They are not heroes, no, but many of their acts after coming to us are heroic. Pray for them and for us as we minister with them.


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