Changing the Story: Prevention, Part Two

To help protect your loved ones from incarceration, consider these factors:

  • Virtually every application for entry into our program cites alcohol or substance abuse as a major contributor to the offence. That is, almost everyone who comes out of prison on parole to our program says at the time of their offense, they were under the influence of some mind or mood altering substance. This is true regardless of ethnicity, gender, socio-economic factors or age. We have one paroled murderer in our program. He was high forty plus years ago during a robbery that led to the death of a victim. You will get some push-back on the subject, to be sure, but substance abuse is not a great idea for most people. Recent government statistics indicate that 22% of persons who ever take a drink will develop a drinking problem. This is an epidemic.
  •  Virtually all of our Registered Sex Offenders started with pornography, Repeated long term use of sexual images on screen can change brain chemistry, result in functional impotence in the males and break down accepted boundaries. The on line porn one starts with does not work long term. The user must go on to some other, more hard-core porn. Help your male relatives and friends guard against this kind of problem. I find that most males will not stop porn use just because their male friends tell them to stop. They are more likely to respond to a mother, wife, sister or girl friend.
  • We are also getting more applications from female sex offenders. This comes at a time when younger women are increasing their porn viewership exponentially. Ladies, you can go to jail just as quickly as a guy and stay just as long. Take care.
  • Most of our applicants are men. Most of them have no fathers of whom they speak. Those who tell us about their fathers have nothing good to say. Men, your sons and daughters need your blessing. Fathering is not a one time act of procreation, but, rather, a life time of loving, mentoring, guiding and protecting.
  • A corollary of the previous item is this one; the traditional nuclear family is almost non-existent in the Prisoner Caste. Poverty, dis-function and abuse are not the sole purvey of the one parent home or the blended home, but two parents in the same home raising their children is a really good way to do parenting.

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