Changing the Story: The Year Ahead

One thing I know about years, my friend, is that they do not take long to expire. When we were younger the years at least took their time meandering through spring into hot Texas summers. Now, it seems one Christmas ends just in time to haul the artificial tree out of the closet again.

Since years do not last as long as in bygone times, we must decide to change things that need changing right now. I have to ask my readers to decide to love the members of the Prisoner caste with us this year, right now. Our Texas prisoners release 150 people each day, five days a week. Many of them will end up being your neighbors. All of them will be someone’s neighbor. You and I are going to have to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, or we violate the commandment Jesus says is just after the love of God.

We do not have to love criminal acts. We do have to love people who are fighting back from errors in their past.

Let us start today.


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