The only way you can become a Christian is if God makes himself so abundantly real to you you cannot deny Him. Churches build themselves on much lesser premises.

   Your pastor; what his her birthday?

   Your pastor; what is his wedding anniversary?

   Your pastor; what is her church anniversary? Oh, does anyone take note of it, officially? I see. Then, his coming and going must not matter much.

   How does your pastor deal with the low to moderate level depressiveness that is a part of the ministerial life? What does he do? How does he then live?

   The ony way to become a Christian and to live as a Christian begins at that moment when God makes Godself so abundantly plain to you you cannot deny God. The Christian experience ends at the moment when God becomes unreal to you.

   Churches live on long after God is no longer real to them.

5 thoughts on “Church(es)”

  1. “The only way you can become a Christian is if God makes himself so abundantly real to you you cannot deny Him.”
    Don’t tell me you’re turning Calvinist on me?!

  2. yikes
    Is God an immovable object, or, Is God an irresistable force?
    Do all things work together for the good of them that believe(or, in the eternal sense, of ‘them that will believe’)?
    What is the definition of will?

  3. If, by will, one means agency, or the conduit of interest, then will becomes the “plaything of the divine.” At what point does the will of man replace the will of God?
    I don’t know. I know I do believe in the sovereignty of God to save.

  4. Small world…I knew the former pastor at Brock…a super young man. I tried to steer him toward the Army Chaplaincy, but he knew God told him to join the Infantry so that he could share his faith as one who truly knew their hardship. His decision resulted in him being in the invasion force going into Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division. So far, the only wounds he has received have come from the church. So be careful, friendly fire is NEVER friendly, be it from the soldiers you serve with or the church you serve.

  5. My will(might I succeed) is by nature primarily temporal while God’s Will[that all(who will?) be reunited with Him]is by Nature Eternal(encompassing and rendering miniscule the temporal).
    If I surrender my will to God then His Goodness implodes and explodes(temporally perhaps gradually but eternally suddenly) within yet remaining Stillness by His Will.
    …yet a glass (less?)darkly continues to intervene…
    because as Paul has said ‘What I will I do not and what I do I will not’ and ‘yet not I but Christ who live(th) in me’, interesting apparent conundrum…
    I note that I could be a better parishoner for my preacher, thank you, Dr Rick, for the reminder.

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