Clay, Connie, Childress and New Bibles

I mentioned in this space two weeks ago I had given away my last English Language Bible. One of the things we do pretty often with the Chains of Grace ministry is to give away Bibles to offenders and parolees. Frequently, when an offender is moved from one prison to another he is not able to take any books with him, including his Bible. Inmates can get Bibles upon request from their chaplain, but it is not always the quality of our Bible and it is not always immediately given to him.

When a fellow comes to us he often does not have his Bible. So, what I am saying is, we give out a lot of Bibles.

And, I know, I know, I know. There are times the inmate uses the thin pages of our good Bibles and those given by others, to roll his doobies.

If you are to be involved in this ministry, learn these three truths:

I have been had.

I am being had.

I will be had.

Our feeling is this; if a fellow tears out the second chapter of St. John’s Gospel to roll a doobie, he might happen to glance down and see John 3:16. He or she might then make a life changing decision. We work out our responsibility as we put out the Scriptures to the inmates. God must do the saving. We are just trying to be useful to God and helpful to the inmates.

So, I had given away my last personal English language Bible to one of our new guys. I mentioned this and put out an appeal for help to get more Bibles.

Two individuals and one church came forward to help immediately.

Clay went on line to our site at the very day I mentioned our need. He donated generously. He also told me he would try to help in the future as we have needs. I do not have permission to mention his last name, but, Clay, if you read this, please accept our thanks. I would love to have your permission to give you full credit. Sometimes that causes others to want to help, as well.

And, then, Connie, helped. She is a Connie I have know for quite a few years. I do not have permission to use her full name, though I would in a heart beat if allowed. I know she did not give to get some earthly glory, but I really want to say thanks to all who help this ministry. Thank you, Connie, for your kind gift.

And, then, Kerry Wood contacted me from the great First Baptist Church of Childress, Texas. Kerry is my friend of, oh, a lot of years. He has been on staff there at FBC, Childress for nearly thirty years. They are a generous people.

From their charity fund, that great church sent us a whole box of brand new, leather bound Bibles. We received them Saturday and began to distribute them to new arrivals and their families last night, Sunday evening, July 5, 2020.

We do not intend for them to sit in a box in the back of our worship center. We are handing them out and soon we will need more. God be praised.

Please go to our website, watch our videos and listen to our podcasts. You can find us at Please click on Donate and follow the prompts. Please choose to make your gift recurring, since we never run out of need.

Our goal is to have 1,000 people giving us $25 per month. We are at less than 100 thus far. Please be one of 1,000 to help this ministry. If you can give more than $25 per month we will find a way to use all your gifts to support this one ministry.

Many, many thanks.

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