Coming Monday; What Do You Do for Shade When the Old Tree Dies?

   I am watching old institutions perish. This is alarming, if natural, because it is hard to see what comes to take their place.

   What do you do for shade when the old tree dies?

   Coming Monday.

3 thoughts on “Coming Monday; What Do You Do for Shade When the Old Tree Dies?”

  1. Being from West Texas I can tell you for a fact that shade is a luxury not a necessity. Enjoy it when it’s there; but when it’s gone, have a barbecue.

  2. Now Rick, it is only alarming due to the fear of the unknown.
    I love to lead the “Turnaround Church” workshop that Gene Wood has written, one of the best things in it is to dream of a preferable tomorrow.
    There is so much of that course that we could learn from right now.
    The sad part is the very folks that brought Gene to Texas refused to hear the message in this fantastic workshop. I know it is strange but sometimes the very thing we need God has already provided, pride limits our sight. So the solutions are not so alarming or unknown. We just need to reread Joshua Chapter 1 and be strong and courageous and as God told Moses at the Red Sea tell the people to GO FOWARD.
    But hey, what does a working mechanic know of spiritual or future plans?

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