Coming Tomorrow, August 1, 2019

Beginning tomorrow, August 1, 2019, we begin a daily series running up to the November 2020 election. Between now and then, mainstream media and advocacy journalists will put a lot of information in front of the American electorate. The Russians, Chinese and North Koreans, along with the Iranians, will blow their own color of smoke at us, Each outside source believes we are less than intelligent, poorly educated and unable to keep our minds on a given subject for any length of time.

We have to do better. WE cannot let those who have only their own interests at heart pull us away from our real American heritage.

I intend to help us steer around the submerged stones intended to wreck our ship of state. You will not always agree with what I write. I hope we can remain friends. Regardless, we should all want America to survive and thrive.

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