Compromise and Its Candidacy

   The most important blogger in Texas baptist life looked at David Hardage's selection for BGCT ED and sniffed, "Who?"

   Since the aforementioned blogger, who writes the only blog on this fading subject (BGCT) that matters is a personal friend and far better informed than I, it is necessary to admit there might have been other choices. Ergo, David Hardage might have been selected as a compromise, but as a compromise with whom, and for what purpose?

   Dr. Hardage can hardly be seen as a compromise candidate to appeal to the old Texas Baptists Committed Crowd, or to the new Texas Baptists Committed crowd, the one which could not now fill a phone booth if it were raining razor blades. Dr. Hardage has not been connected to the Old TBC or the new TBC. He has not "laid down with dogs and arisen with fleas."

   Dr. Hardage is a former pastor, a former director of missions for Waco Association and a fund raiser for Truett Seminary. He brings with him either a donor of some stature or the expertise to reach such donors or both. Either way, this is a need, not a compromise.

   Dr. Hardage has a squeaky clean reputation. He is not associated with any of the scandals of the past BGCT, directly or indirectly. He cannot be a compromise candidate in this sense; no one is paying him off for silence or rewarding him for some belligerent, undeserved defense of the status quo.

   Was it the writer Robert Louis Stevenson who said, "Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer?"

   God knows, the BGCT has needed a solicitor over the last decade and a half. The convention has gone from monopoly to after-thought, all the while acting like it was still the bull of the woods.

   Still, if Dr. Hardage is a compromise candidate, no one should be heard to say it is because he compromised his own integrity or showed compromised character or competence. He takes over an organization with a severely compromised reputation, deservedly so. This is not an easy job.

   He will make his mistakes. He will have hard times. At the very least, however, David Hardage is a serious man with a good work ethic. He is not damaged goods. I do not think there will be scandals on his watch. He may not be able to stop the decline of support from the churches but he will not do anything to speed it up by being silly. That will be an improvement.



Opinions expressed here are mine alone. 

7 thoughts on “Compromise and Its Candidacy”

  1. Rick,
    Thank you for this post. To be honest, David was on the list last time, but for whatever reason his name got very limited traction. Could it be that the fact that he has never been one to engage in politics have kept him from name recognition. David came to see me during the time he was interim at FBC Bryan while working for Truett. I have family at FBC Bryan and they gave glowing accounts of his time there. It will be a hard job, but “With God all things are possible.”
    Dan Wooldridge

  2. David doesn’t need my backing but he has it. I realize the Titanic is still taking on water but my hope is he can avoid further sinking. I wrote elsewhere that we never talked baptist politics so his views were/are unknown to me. He may not be a “name” candidate but he also may be one who can bridge some gaps. We may be asking who but it could be this is the right answer.

  3. Trey,
    You know my high personal regard for you. Your comment, though, reads as if you are answering something I am not saying, perhaps in reply to some other commenter or some other blog. I think my comments about David have been as positive as I can make them, responsibly.

  4. My fantasy of selecting a layman goes unmet yet again. Big surprise! Maybe it will happen when a pastor finally runs the BGCT into the ground?
    I wish Dr. Hardage the best, however. When he succeeds, the BGCT succeeds, and the cause of Christ is, at the margin, helped.

  5. My apologies Rick…promise was not intent. You are indeed being gracious and positive. Perhaps my thoughts overlapped. That happens to me sometimes with my “chemobrain.” Let me try again. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your sentiments about David H. You know far better than I all that is about to happen to/with him from various corners. My great hope and prayer is for his success should all of this come to pass. My bad…hope it wasn’t worth of a technical.

  6. Hard to imagine the layman who would take it if the preachers mess it up much more. Hard to imagine it getting much worse without some sad singing and an estate sale at the end.
    To my reader JND-Keep dreaming

  7. Beloved Trey,
    Mostly I want to make sure I am understood. Words in print escape intonation, which might be the whole problem with the internet.
    Much love and Merry Christmas.

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