Confidence In Prayer is Faith In God

   A couple of months ago, a hearing impaired minister friend of mine told me  of his frustration. His hearing was getting worse, he needed hearing aids and he simply could not afford the $6,000 they would cost. He was disappointed.

   I could not shake his need out of my mind. I worried over it for some days. Whenever I thought of him, I thought how his life could be enriched if he could just get hearing aids.

   Without telling anyone, I began to pray for God's provision. I prayed day after day, time after time. I omitted other prayers, believing God had directed me to this prayer  matter.

   Yesterday, after prayer/study/writing, I was mentally  tired. I got in my truck and started to drive west with no real purpose in mind. God directed me to my minister friend, who was studying in his office. After a few minutes of conversation, I told him I had been praying for his provision in the matter of his hearing.

   He said, "Well, there has been a development. Out of the blue, the suppliers called me back. They told me they had a test unit, which they would pay me $50 for trying. Then, if it works, they will sell them to me for whatever my insurance will pay. So, I may get the hearing aids and a little cash, as well."

   I guess I could have written him a check when he told me what he needed. I have $6000. I suppose I could have asked my readers to band together and help him, for surely we could raise $6000 between us. I chose to have confidence in prayer and to believe that confidence in prayer really means faith in God.

   Have confidence in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Confidence In Prayer is Faith In God”

  1. Oh WE of little faith.
    Prayer – proven over and over, yet still, we do not believe.
    Mea Culpa.
    Have a great weekend, Rick.

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