Convention Stuff and the TBC: Tuesday, June 22, 2010

   Ken Coffee, stalwart truth teller, now feels he got bad information about a possible TBC organizational return to Texas baptist electoral politics. Ken feels he must recant his former statements and apologize. Good for Ken. 

   David Montoya feels he was duped because he believed Ken's report before Ken checked out his facts. David, a formidable figure, now may go away again, for awhile, forever, or not at all. I vote for not at all.

   As for aintsobad, I have, as ever, compartmentalized, thought for the sheer exhilaration of thinking, steered a middle course and prepared to argue both sides of the matter.

   To wit, it would not be the end of the BGCT/TBC convention apparatus if the TBC, sans its controversial former director, returned to electoral politics. This is a gross overstatement, at the same time it patently ignores the Important Truth: the BGCT/TBC is faltering badly, has been for some time and no one seems to know how to fix it or what to do  next.

   An Evangelism campaign featuring Evangelism as Product Placement produced some fund raising for the special project and a few anecdotes of local interest. Yes, the one star fish who gets back in the ocean is glad (well, not in the Gulf) but that is not the goal of a major campaign.

Someone is asking me a question about Jesus. I will return.

Writer's Note: I do a lot of my study and writing in a public place I have adopted. This keeps me with people and it keeps me connected to the koine. Today, while trying to write, a young woman appeared and asked me to pray for her. I did and we talked awhile. Another young person approached to visit with me about his Buddhism, vis a vis Christianity, and we talked for awhile. An older fellow sat down when the younger fellow left and asked me if he could have ten minutes. He just left. Meanwhile, I missed two others who just had to get up and go. I hope to get to them later.

   Meanwhile, I have to write sermons, lessons and do some administrative something or other. My time designated for blogging today is now ended. I will just have to get back to this subject tomorrow, God willing.


7 thoughts on “Convention Stuff and the TBC: Tuesday, June 22, 2010”

  1. Rick,
    I am not going away forever. I was thinking of slipping a way for a while, but retreat right now would be a mistake. I do think I made a very, very bad mistake with Ken.
    As hated as I am I cannot afford mistakes.
    I have told you, Ken’s recant almost felt like a set up. After rereading the blog Ken posted, saying he was given this information by someone he trusted, makes me think that perhaps what he did was hit a nerve that hit back. Ken wants to do more intentional interims. I am more likely to believe he was co-opted rather than mistaken. I am not surprised Lowrie was the one who contacted him.
    I think I am going to do a little digging of my own into this. Till then, I have posted three blogs today, as well as making three visits (one with the owner of a motorcycle shop, one another martial artist who is worried about his mother and a third with a man whose I am mentoring and whose faith lifts me up even when I am down.
    I am now working on the lectionary passage for Sunday so I can feed the 40 or 50 souls God has called me to care for. I know you must feed about 4X that.
    I will pray God gives you more energy.

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