Convention Stuff and the TBC: Why Not, It’s Monday

   Ken Coffee reports the remnants of TBC, Texas Baptist Committed, will present a slate of candidates for convention elective office in McAllen the autumn. With one other blog weighing in, the consensus is this is not a great idea.

   Let me add my minimal weight to this discourse. I agree with Ken and the Samurai in this regard; what is left of the BGCT (also minimal) rejected the TBC way of putting forth officers and ultimately rejected the TBC, even prior to alleged criminal activity on the part of its director. Texas baptists proved themselves weary  with incompetence during the Wade administration. They then proved themselves sick to death of cronyism and manipulation as they finally elected candidates who had just about one thing in common; they were not advanced by TBC.

   Now, Ken hears, a group of TBC survivors, led by a former one term president of the BGCT, the TBC advanced Michael Bell, will put forward a set of candidates in McAllen. Reportedly, the TBC website has been refreshed, sans its former director, and the group is asking those who friendly to the TBC to send in contact information.

   Two things.

   What happened to the old contact information? We know the group was down to less than half its zenith in terms of contributing enrolment before the mass exodus of the board last year. What happened to all the data?

   It should be noted that Michael Bell defeated the writer of this blog, 88% to 12%, in the one presidential election in a decade that featured a machine candidate (Bell) and an Independent. I thought Bell was a bad candidate then and I felt like he was worse president. Still, it should be noted his machine overwhelmed my whirlwind fifteen minute campaign.

   There are at least two people who feel the return of the TBC's "domination" of electoral politics in the convention would be the absolute end for the convention itself. I understand their feelings, agree with their basically negative assertions about this matter but disagree that such an action would signal the end of the convention, or even speed it up.

   That cake has been baked and tomorrow, interrupting my own series about how to get it all back, I will rehearse why the cake is baked.

BY THE WAY, SO YOU KNOW, the way to get it all back is to leave behind what is gone and strengthen what remains. Think of this certainty, that three-fourths of all congregations in the USA (Free Church and Protestant, have less than 100 members and most are faltering badly. If you offer hope to the less than 100's, there is a chance to get it all back and more. The good news is the flip side of the bad news. The bad news is a lot of people  left, so the good news is you can start fresh without the presence of a lot of people who just do not like you. 

The problem is you still offer two sights, both involving your hand. You come at the churches with a palm outstretched to receive or offer the back of your hand across the cheek when you do not receive. Neither is workable in this world.

Opinions expressed here are mine, really good ones, but still only mine. They do not necessarily involve,  include or reflect the policies of my church or of any other person or organization.

3 thoughts on “Convention Stuff and the TBC: Why Not, It’s Monday”

  1. Rick,
    I don’t think I said this would kill the convention, as like you, I believe it is already dead and just does not know it.
    There is a whole ecosystem that lives of the dead. I believe that many of the current staff of the BGCT are examples of a social system living off a dead convention.
    I do wish there were a third way.

  2. Rick,
    You were right. Thank you for your level head. I have become way to emotional and too reactive for this mess anymore. All Ken Coffee had to do was dangle his lie in front of me and I snatched it up like a blind carp.
    This doesn’t me I don’t believe the TBC is striving to make a comeback, it means I feel I have about blown any credibility I had left.
    Again, thanks for always telling the truth.

  3. David,
    I could never call Ken a liar. I imagine he really thought he had something to say. I do believe this is the way he feels. I think he just got bad information.

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