Courage, Moral Resolve and the Best of Times

God blesses me with family and friends who live out the Biblical ideal of courage and moral resolution. I love interesting people and, to me, persons of interest show courage and moral resolution.

My family and friends will not do wrong, even if they are promised right will come of it. Jesus was promised in the Wilderness, by Satan, that He (Jesus) would not have to die on the Cross, if only He (Jesus) would worship him (Satan) for just an instant in a time and place where no one else could possibly see.

Jesus will not do it. He will not deviate from His task, even for an instant, even when He is promised what He is after. Courageous people of moral resolution tell the truth, live the truth, honor the truth. Persons of courage and  moral resolution have a godly reason for what they do. They pursue godliness.

I admire and appreciate the courageous persons in my life.

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